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The Person Behind the Artist: Interview with Mau Mau ( @maumauart)
By Gata Malandra • On January 10, 2015 Interviews, Visual Arts Interview, Interviews, Mau Mau, Street Art, Visual Arts

Mau Mau many thanks for this opportunity to know more about you, here in The Person Behind the Artist.Many people came across your works in the streets of London, Barcelona and even on the other side of the globe, Jamaica; your McDonalds clown inspired by the Olympics in London provoked a big controversy.

Q. Can you tell us why you started doing street art?
I had seen the graffiti art in America and loved it, always loved painting from day one, then I realised I could paint my pictures big and in a short time.
I love to work outdoors. I like to reach as many people as I can with my work (not just people who visit galleries). I think art is our creative expression similar to music- and the streets have been taken over by images trying to sell us products- so I believe going out and painting is a way of reclaiming the streets back.

Q. What is the message you are trying to communicate through your work?
A conscious message. More fire on Babylon!

Q. As an artist motivated by socio-political issues what do you think about religion?
I love Jah and give thanks!
I think acceptance of other cultures and religions is better than war, spirituality is a different thing to religion. Often religion has been used as a tool for evil and oppression.

Q. Do you have any favourite artists you recommend to us?
Yeah many! Here’s a few..
Political comic illustrators — Steve Bell, and Ralph Steadman.
Street artists — Blu, and Bön and Alex Face who I painted with in Thailand.
Ndebele art of Southern Africa, Ashanti art of West Africa.
Reggae artists Chronixx , Jesse Royal, Protoje, Micah Shemaiah and all the Jah Over Evil family.
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