Roslyn Sharp

Photo by Roslyn Sharp, Piccolo Bar.
Dr Ray Seidler and Vittorio (Vitto) Bianchi at the Piccolo Bar. Photo by Roslyn Sharp.

Martin and Roslyn Sharp at Ginger Meggs Diploma event.


Roslyn Sharp believes in the power of documentary photography to represent both individual and regional histories. She continues to work on an extended photo series of her local Kings Cross community, which has been collected and exhibited by the National Library of Australia, exhibited at Le Gallerie Photo Montpellier France, and was the winner of the National Gold Award of Excellence for the Australian Print Awards. A collection of work on the Freemasons was also collected by the National Library of Australia. In the series “Getting Married”, Sharp documented a series of ethnic weddings in NSW with support from the NSW Migration Heritage Centre. An expansion of this series was exhibited in a solo show at the Museum of Sydney in 2005 as part of the Sydney Festival. Sharp was artist-in-residence in Glebe for Art & About, where she produced a series of resident portraits exhibited as very large images along Glebe Point Rd. She received a grant from the W.A. Arts Council to document a fashion and textile designer working with traditional artisans in India. Sharp has worked as a commercial photographer since 1985 across mining, health, international trade, film and polo industries both nationally and internationally. She has a long-standing reputation of working with other artists and photographers.