Simeon John

Shimon (aka) Simeon John


Shimon (aka) Simeon John was born in the UK and is now living in Sydney. Since his first public appearance as a choir boy in Queen’s video ‘Who wants to live forever’, Simeon has trained as an actor in the UK under the Stanislavsky method and recently studied the Get Reel course run by Eegenda at Fox Studios Australia. Simeon’s experience ranges from Shakespearian Theatre (with the RSC’s Education Department in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK) to appearances in all areas of the media. Shimon is also a DJ with his roots firmly planted in the Caribbean, with a repertoire of tracks ranging from 60’s hits through to modern chart toppers, movie themes, lounge, and club classics, his unique eclectic mix of global groove. Shimon is no stranger to dressing-up for themed events or just for fun, his venture The Safari Team create fun experiences for parents, local councils, charities, school groups, and private companies to grow, share and learn together.