Kit Ball

Kit Ball and the cat tattoo.

Excerpt from Interview with Kit on 10th May 2014 by Angela Stretch:

…I think all of us who try to paint or do anything like that, have a lot of…you know go through a lot of periods where we wonder if anybody cares and whether it’s all just going to be forgotten about and whether there is really any point to doing it and Lesley is very generous with directing her particular energy towards people who need to be made to feel that there is actually some legitimacy to them continuing their painting or their music or whatever there medium might happen to be and that’s  something, among other things that I am grateful to Lesley for.  I think that first of all, practically speaking, without TAP, I wouldn’t have been able to have shows when I’ve had them, but also emotionally I am grateful to Lesley because she has made me feel that it’s ok to not only feel that I am legitimate in my work, but also that it’s ok to be not only an upstanding citizen but somebody who is scrambling a lot of the time and doing what they can to keep painting.


Kit has engaged extensively in life modelling practices at Julian Ashton Art School, Paddington Art School, University of Sydney, Mosman Community Arts Centre, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Tap Gallery, etc. He has also participated in photographic projects for students of the College of Fine Arts.

Kit Ball exhibited “Behind the Green Door” in June 2008 and “Take Me” in September 2009 at TAP Gallery. Kit also moderated a live Q&A for “TINDER LUCIDA”, the first Sydney exhibition by photographic artist, Catherine Gomersall at TAP Gallery in April 2019.