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Ten Taylor Street
Under new signage of Ten Taylor Street by Lesley Dimmick (1989).

Lesley Dimmick OAM, founder and manager

Lesley Dimmick is telling people she is sharing her story, bothering to speak maybe wishing she didn’t have to while also finding some kind of charge in the telling, or maybe doing it almost automatically, speaking with her throat. This memoir is conceived talked into existence, written between the telling and the not—telling. These memories tend to be physical, emotional, and visceral, with—and—without narrative.

In front of us is time. Except when you are poor and spend time on the streets, you’ll get involved. The first time we talked was on Palmer Street, Darlinghurst. Time—lets trust stick, and relationships take anchor. There is a chronological time in which to go about things, this book project. And there is experiential time that holds emotional meaning. Existential. It’s a real issue, how to keep people real. And not make them into catchphrases for banner, appendixes to principles. Curious thing: it was about a principle. About an idea.

Excerpts 01: Angela Stretch, Running TAP [1989-2019]

Where to begin? With the biographical fallacy, the swift disengagement of the brain? An artistic anger that time is running out, tapping out, when there is still so much to be seen, experienced, forms to be pushed further, collected, written—done. We work at the borders between truth to life and truth to art. These excerpts are a mosaic, their frames rough and ad-hoc in their presentation. This isn’t an easy area: we all import our prejudices. The changes of atmosphere, the diminishment of individuality and independence are the countervailing of fear. We may somehow soar and yet not escape.

Excerpt 18: Angela Stretch, Running TAP [1989-2019]


As founder of TAP Art Gallery which is a registered non-profit organisation I have volunteered my services for nearly 30 years. Having the dream myself of being a practicing artists I discovered the difficulties artists face in earning a living from their craft. Money is not the motive for artists who are driven by a different discipline of inspiration & passion, however they do deserve to be recognised and given an opportunity to sell their work and earn an income. Particularly in Australia, where there are many talented & powerful artists they say 2% make it in their own life time. This is why I started TAP all these years ago, not knowing I would still be doing this today. These years have gone so fast and have been a joy, meeting so many talented artists who have become lifelong friends.

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Jim Anderson interview by Angela Stretch on 14 March 2015.
Kit Ball (provisional content)
Phil Free (provisional content)
Kate Gaul (provisional content)
Sandra Guy (provisional content)
Simeon John (provisional content)
Mau Mau (provisional content)
Nicki McDonald (provisional content)
Mia Mortal (provisional content)
Roslyn Sharp (provisional content)
Janet Venn-Brown (provisional content)
Paul Wallace (provisional content)
Maggie Walsh (provisional content)